Troy Bookkeeping and Tax services is passionate about improving your entire financial position. We believe that when you succeed that we succeed!

A common question that we are asked is what is the difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper? Here are how they are different,

Bookkeepers: While they may have similar objectives to accountants, bookkeepers are generally more focused on recording and organizing of day-today financial transactions and preparing monthly financial statements for their clients. These transactions will include your company’s payables and receivables. In essence any financial transaction that comes in or out of your business such as sales, purchases, payroll and taxes.

We ensure that all transactions are recorded accurately in your financial ledgers and to balance your books.

Accountants: Accountants often use the financial information about a company prepared by a bookkeeper to interpret and prepare key financial documentation and for financial forecasting and tax planning.  CPA Accountants also perform review engagements and audits.


At Troy Bookkeeping and Tax Services we review your financial statements and expenses taking care to ensure that everything is accurately and done on time. Missed deductions or tax credits could mean that you could be giving up thousands of dollars on your tax returns. So why do your own tax preparation? Hiring a certified professional protects your companies branding and reputation. You can have peace of mind trusting that the books are done accurately, on time and managed at a high level of competence. As tax professionals we can do your personal income tax and even save you money! Many times the savings from our financial advice exceed the fees to prepare your tax return.

As a IPBC Certified Professional Bookkeeper we have undergone accredited testing and certification ensuring that we have a high level of knowledge, education, and skills necessary to carry out all key functions through: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Sales Taxes, Inventory and general bookkeeping.

Troy Bookkeeping and Tax Services offers a no-charge 30 minute initial assessment of your needs. We do this at no-charge so you can make an informed decision about your business’s needs. Based on the information we receive, we will provide you with a customize a solution for your business.

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