Troy ForsterTroy Bookkeeping and Tax Services is a mobile business servicing North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland. Troy, the owner of Troy Bookkeeping and Tax Services has over 25 years of combined financial and tax experience.

It is Troy’s passion to partner with her clients to maintain and grow a successful business. This comes from accurate record keeping and thoroughly compiled and updated financial statements. Troy believes that accurate business records, properly managed document flow and payments along with interpretation of financials are foundational to the success of any business.

If you don’t have the time or expertise, outsourcing bookkeeping can give small businesses the same competitive edge as larger companies by having a professional financial manager but only on a part time basis. With Troy’s experience and success in developing financial systems in varied industries, clients have confidence and peace of mind that their accounting system is in order and is working for them.

Clients requiring the services of a bookkeeper are entrusting their most important possession to a stranger-intimate knowledge of their business or personal finances. They need to know that they are not putting their precious asset at risk. Yet, most people have no way of effectively and independently evaluating a bookkeeper. This is why the CPB Certification is so important.

Troy is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper through the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers in Canada (IPBC) which means her experience, knowledge, ethics and her ability to get the job done have been tested and evaluated. Over 95 % of bookkeepers in Canada don’t have a “Certified Professional Bookkeeper” designation so it is difficult evaluating their skills, experience and integrity. Certification protects the reputation and branding of Troy Bookkeeping clients because they can trust that their books are done accurately, are done in a timely manner and managed at a high level of competence.

Troy Bookkeeping & Tax Services has experience with non-profits, public accounting, legal and the construction industry. We service a variety of clients such as interior decorators, construction, aqua farming and consultants. We care about our clients and put the same care and attention into their business as we do our own.

How can we help you? Are you concerned about an audit, no time or expertise, or don’t know who to trust with your bookkeeping and tax? Call us today. We would love to help you work through your financial situation so you can focus on your passion, your business.

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